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Music From The Fotopoulos Projects

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  1. Once in Royal David's City
  2. Red Monroe (Excerpt)
  3. Mary Mary (Excerpt)
  4. Harry's Passion
  5. A Bliss You Barely Recognize
  6. Scar
  7. Like the Sky in Reverse
  8. Oak (The Wood Song)
  9. Pilgrim
  10. Linear Escape
  11. Scene of the Crime (Excerpt)
  12. Walking Naked/Angling Into Their Eyes (Excerpt)
  13. Of the Earth Dripping/Opening Song

Selected music from the James Fotopoulos & Grandpa's Ghost DVDs "This is Heaven To Me", "Syncretic Syncopations" and "The Void". Produced by Ben Hanna with Bill Emerson & Grandpa's Ghost. Final soundtrack compilation master by Jack Peracek.


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