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Stardust & Smog​/​Early Autumn Waltz at the Two​/​Fourteen

Stardust smog


  1. Stardust & Smog
  2. Over My Shoulder
  3. Long Road
  4. Owen's Backhoe (Part One)
  5. Between The Lines
  6. Crooked Mouth
  7. Machine (Reprise)
  8. Drawn Into Your World
  9. Strings Sister/Blues For Hipster
  10. Bi-polar Seduction Blues of the Beautiful Eyes (The One I Like)
  11. "33"
  12. Still Got You
  13. Owen's Backhoe (Part Two)
  14. Caress of the Pale Moon (Half a Moon Away)
  15. Sonny Speaks (Again)
  16. Evil Spirits & Ardent Humour
  17. Sweet After Here
  18. Long Hair (Double Fuzz Version)
  19. Skin (Electric, Part Three)
  20. Acid Cowboy Country Queen Fuzz/Blend Blues (Again)
  21. Let It Hang
  22. Choking On The Dust (The Low Version)
  23. Skin (Acoustic, Part Two)

Produced by Grandpa's Ghost.
Engineered by Jack Petracek.
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Music Masters, St. Louis, MO.
Additional recording done at Miller's Farm, someplace in the rolling country hills of Missouri (thanks Alice) and Academy Music, Pocahontas, IL.
Special guests include Janice Rieman on cello, Jill "Spitzie-West" Posey-Smith & V.L. Somerville.
Grandpa's Ghost is Ben Hanna, Bill Emerson, Mark Robke, Pat Kennett.


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