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The Carnage Queen

The carnage queen


  1. Learning How To Love You
  2. Carnage Queen
  3. Nellie Loves Me
  4. Dandelions in My Mind
  5. A Little Bit of Abuse
  6. I Am a Specimen
  7. Come Here, Come Here
  8. Another Redemption Song
  9. City of Piss (A Prelude)
  10. Underground With The Dogs
  11. The Snow
  12. Ballad of Mary-Christ (or The Suicide Chick & St. Mary's Bullshit)
  13. Our Reflections
  14. The Most Beautiful Bird in the World (Specimen Reprieve)
  15. Over My Head
  16. Blues for Sparklehorse
  17. Confusion of Tongues

On their first release in ten years, The Carnage Queen finds Grandpa's Ghost pushing the boundaries of their music ever further, from hypnotic space-rock and extended guitar work-outs to beautiful acoustic ballads. Featuring special guest Tim Garrigan. 2LP in gatefold jacket with bonus digital album Country of Piss.


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