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The London's Cat-Meat

The londons cat meat cover square


  1. Unbolt the Gate
  2. Conching Consciousness in the Banks of Your Sea
  3. A Schoolboy’s Treat/Loving Your Shadow
  4. Dedicated to the Racists of Rural Illinois
  5. Evenings Split Between the Fine Hairs
  6. He Asked Her for a Resolution and She Gave Him an Answer
  7. Silver Glitter Girl
  8. Lily-White Deconstruction
  9. “Love Avowed/Play Extracts”
  10. The London’s Cat-Meat
  11. The Moist Open of Minds (“Viva Anarchia”)
  12. Wicked Lester and the Suicide Sex Machine
  13. A Revealing Hilt

Produced/written/performed by Ben Hanna & Jack Petracek. Recorded/mixed/mastered by Jack Petracek. Ben Hanna - words/vocals, scratched hand-drum on “A Schoolboy’s Treat / Loving Your Shadow” and shaker on “The London’s Cat-Meat.” Jack Petracek – rhythms/drums/percussion, vocals on “’Love Avowed/Play Extracts’”and “Wicked Lester and the Suicide Sex Machine.” Performed & recorded live in Jack’s basement studio March 15th & 22nd, April 19th, May 10th & 17th, 2005, St. Louis, MO, USA. Photographs by Rachel Wilson.

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