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(The Tumble​/​Love Version​)​: Hear Past The Static

Tumble love


  1. Concrete Eyes
  2. Blues for Blackie
  3. The Queen of Crumpled Steel
  4. Dead-Head #1
  5. Bright Eyes in Dead-Heads
  6. Blackie
  7. Relentless Apprentice
  8. Dead-Head #2
  9. Paper Snakes
  10. Cheap Bracelet
  11. Leaving On A Jet Plane
  12. Black Velvet Stars
  13. Head Cow/The Writhing Riot of Children
  14. War
  15. D.O.A.
  16. With You in Rockland
  17. Love in Mind

Produced by Ben Hanna. Mastered by Jack Petracek. Mixed by Jack Petracek & Ben Hanna with Bill Emerson on a couple of tunes. Recorded at the Broom Factory, St. Louis, MO. Additional recording done at Academy Music, Pocahontas, IL, Near-Lower-Main-Road, Maine, IL & Jack's Basement, St. Louis, MO. Mixed in Jack's Basement.

Tobi Parks bass on "Black Velvet Stars" & "War". Chris Dee, Dave Stone guitar on "D.O.A.". Blue screams on "Dead-Head #1". Mike Martin tambourine & unknown manipulations on "Paper Snakes". All other sounds by Grandpa's Ghost: Ben Hanna, Bill Emerson, Jack Petracek.


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